Sandals Monterey Starfish Blue Tidewater Flop Flip Women's Yellow SqwzvPaf

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Sandals Monterey Starfish Blue Tidewater Flop Flip Women's Yellow SqwzvPaf

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Ported Intakes are made to order and will take approximately 1-2 weeks to ship after your order is placed.  Each one is ported by hand.

Brand new OEM Genuine Ford. These intakes have been shown to give a significant HP power increase over the factory 11-17 manifolds.    

Do you want to have a better intake manifold but dont want to pay for a Cobra Jet?

The 2018 Manifold has shown significant gains on all 11-17 5.0 Coyote Motors.  It will make more power than a GT350 manifold as well, and only slightly less than a Cobra Jet Setup.

Blue Flop Yellow Monterey Women's Flip Sandals Starfish Tidewater
Want even MORE power?  We have the option of porting these manifolds as well!  These ported 2018 GT Manifolds will make similar power to a CJ Intake and Dollar for Dollar it cant be beat!

Why Lock Outs?
Lock Outs make it easier to wire, easier to tune, and make more power! They HAVE to be used on 11-14 Coyote Engines.

Why PigTails?
If you have a 15-17 you can keep the IMRC by using these pigtails.

Part Number: JR3Z-9424-A we use Genuine OEM Ford Parts to port!

**Free Shipping to Continental US**


*** Please note due to the heavy shipping cost, and custom nature of porting, there will be no refunds on ported intakes once your order has been placed ***

Install Video:

Flip Blue Women's Sandals Monterey Starfish Flop Tidewater Yellow  

2017 vs 2018 Intake Manifold Dyno Runs:

VMP Also did a test showing the results.

Their Results: