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SS400 Acoustic Transmitter (Injectable)

The latest, and smallest acoustic tag available; easily insertable into fish; JSATS compatible.


  • Part of a complete system: Tags, Tag Programmer, and Receiving Equipment
  • Cylindrical form factor allows tag to be quickly inserted into fishes body cavity
  • Smallest acoustic tag available that meets life and output requirements of the JSATS Program
  • Weighs 216 mg, Size 15.00 x 3.38 mm
  • User activated and configurable using the portable Pinger Dish

The smallest acoustic transmitter in the world ... another ATS first.

The Juvenile Salmonid Acoustic Telemetry System (JSATS) was developed by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to study fish behavior in freshwater and marine environments. ATS has been manufacturing large numbers of acoustic tags for the JSATS program since 2007 (over 10,000 tags some years) .

This new and innovative design (ATS model SS400) for an injectable JSATS transmitter has significantly decreased  the size and weight of the original design (model SS300). It has also shown to increase survival rate of tagged fish, as discussed in this article seen in

The JSATS system uses a binary phase shift keyed (BPSK) code pulse to achieve a code set of over 65,000 individual ID's. The pulse rate interval (PRI), code ID, and duty cycling (sleep/delayed activation) are user configurable through the use of the highly portable ATS Pinger Dish. The pulse train contains a 7-bit Barker code, 16-bit tag ID code, and 8-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC). The message is only 744 microseconds in length, so the short on-time saves power and reduces signal collisions as compared to other standard timing code sets on the market.

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Another article from is available with complete details of the injectable tag and its design.

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